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Who runs this place?

My name is Jack Doud. I'm a native Pennsylvanian born in the 80's. My main hobbies are costuming, replica prop building, miniature wargames and reading Sci-fi novels. I first created a website to show off my hobbies when I was still in high school in the late 90's and have been slowly adding to it ever since. When my content and traffic became too much for the free host I was using I created

Why "Bloody Plastic"?

It's been my experience that every project requires some amount of blood, sweat and tears. I'm not sure I've ever built something without injuring myself in some fashion. Usually it's a trivial scrape or jab, occasionally it's worse. After years of these hobbies I've taken it as a given that blood must be shed for art. Also the name is also a bit of a play on words echoing the frustration felt when a project just isn't going as planned and is close to being thrown against a wall.

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