Update, 1/2/16: Added the Bill and Ted Phonebooth to the Props section.

Update, 8/14/15: Added some Tomb Blades to the Miniatures section.

Update, 5/4/15: Added my Custom Ruzzbot Gorkanaut and Kitbashed Dakkajet to the Miniatures section.

Update, 3/4/15: Added my Ghostbusters 2 Belt Circuit to the Costumes page and added an update to the KUD Meter page.

Update, 2/9/15: Added my Ghostbusters 2 Uniform to the Costumes page.

Update, 1/20/15: Added the Jun the Swan helmet from Gatchaman I painted for a friend to the Costumes page.

Update, 1/9/15: Added a Shoanti Barbarian painting commission to the Miniatures page.

Update, 12/8/14: Added my Destroyer Lord to the Miniatures page.

Update, 12/2/14: Added my Doomsday Carp to the Miniatures page.

Update, 11/10/14: Added a bunch of Scarran Krendars to the Props page.

Update, 8/20/14: Added a Bill and Ted Lightup Payphone to the Props page.

Update, 4/23/14: Added 21 miniature painting commissions to the "Other Miniatures" section of the Miniatures page.

Update, 3/27/14: Added a Spaceballs Yogurt Doll I made for a friend to the Props page.

Update, 3/13/14: Added four miniature painting commissions: Ariel, Dryad, Brigitte, Naughty French Maid, Bloodstone Gnome Pinner, Darkspawn Adept and Bloodstone Gnome Pulger, BSG Adept to the Miniatures page.

Update, 3/12/14: Added two miniature painting commissions, Amon, Viking Hero and Anwyn, Female Bard, I did in 2009 to the Miniatures page.

Update, 3/4/14: Added the Custom "In-Action" Figure I made of a friend of mine to the Projects page.

Update, 1/26/14: Added my Ghosttrooper Ghostbuster/Star Wars crossover to the Costumes page.

Update, 1/25/14: Added my Custom Tau Aegis Line to the Miniatures page.

Update, 1/6/14: Added my Stolen Uniform Spaceball to the Costumes page.

Update, 12/30/13: Overhaulling the site and transitioning away from frames. I've got a large crop of new stuff to add to the site in 2014 if I can just get the webhost to cooperate.

Update, 6/4/13: Added a replica G1 Transformers Prowl Blaster to the Props section.

Update, 5/1/13: Added my Arcade Machine Coin Return Flash Drive to the Projects section.

Update, 2/19/13: Added pages for my Warhammer 40k Hello Kitty Necron army to the miniatures section.

Update, 2/12/13: Finally got everything moved over from the old site and added some new content. Namely my spiked baseball bat in the props section.

Update, 1/9/13: Finally moved the site off of Angelfire so visitors won't be hounded by crappy popups and banners. Woo!

83rd Update (12/03/10). Added a build log for a Solder Fume Extrator Fan to the Projects page.

82nd Update (11/22/10). Added a comprehensive list of Warhammer 40k Novels to the Projects page includeing a downloadable spreadsheet.

Update number 81 (10/13/10). Added my entry to the 2010 RPF "Wet & Wild" Blaster Contest to the Props page.

Update number 80 (8/27/10). Added the Slime Scoop prop from Ghostbusters 2 to the Props page.

79th Update (7/23/10). Added an Anti-Vermin Claymore Mine to the Projects page.

78th Update (6/14/10). Updated the Ghostbusters Belt Circuit page with pics of the holster and daughter board.

77th Update (6/2/10). Updated the Treadwell page with pics of the arms I finally added to the droid.

76th Update (5/18/10). Added my Ghostbusters Keymaster Helmet replica to the Costumes section.

75th Update (5/13/10). Added my scratchbuilt Ghostbusters Belt Circuit to the Costumes section.

74th Update (3/11/10). Added my scratchbuilt Ghostbusters Ghost Trap with custom pedal to the Props section.

73rd Update (1/20/10). Added a write up of the electronics I built for my friends' Ghostbusters Particle Thrower to the Props section.

72nd Update (1/06/10). Added my replica of a Treadwell Droid from Star Wars to the Props section.

71st Update (12/14/09). Added my replica of the Statue of Liberty Controller from Ghostbusters 2 to the Props section.

70th Update (11/15/09). Added a link to The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive I created in the Projects section. It is the most complete archive of props and costumes from the 40k universe on the web.

69th Update (11/1/09). Added a build-up for a Ghostbusters 2 KUD Meter to the Props section

68th Update (9/20/09). Added a build-up for the IG88 Assassin Droid Head I built for my garrison to the Props section

67th Update (7/19/09). I received The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk in the mail and had to post a write-up before passing it on. You can find it in the Projects section

66th Update (6/27/09). Finished my Spaceballs Costume and added it to the Costumes section

65th Update (4/28/09). Added a page in the Props section for John Crichton's IASA Farscape Recorder that I recently identified.

64th Update (2/13/09). Added a build-up blog in the Props section for the Cobra Commander Pistol I helped a friend make.

63rd Update (1/3/09). Added tutorials in the Costumes section for making a Spaceball Helmet and Props section for making an Indiana Jones Holy Grail.

62nd Update (12/9/08). Added a tutorial in the Costumes section for modifying some Halloween junk into light-up Jawa Eyes.

61st Update (9/18/08). Posted writeups for my two entries in this year's PVC BBC Blaster Contest: Entry 1 and Entry 2 in the Props section. I actually tied for seventh place with entry two.

60th Update (8/19/08). Finally completed my big mek stompa The Orkerprise! Completed pictures can be found here and a complete write-up with construction pictures can be found here.

59th Update (6/25/08). Added my new Warhammer 40k Ork Warboss on a looted wraithlord bike to the Miniatures page.

58th Update (4/17/08). Going through some old files I found some stuff to add. A write up on a Nightmare Before Christmas prop I built for a friend in the Props section and a Techno Flower made from junk in the Projects section.

57th Update (4/14/08). Added a write up on aSci-Fi Hallway I built for my college gaming group in 2005. You can find it in the Miniatures section.

56th Update (1/30/08). Added a write up on some Desert Terrain/Rock Spires I built for my local game store. You can find it in the Miniatures section.

55th Update (10/14/07). Added a quick write up and a ton of pics for a Fighta-Bomma I built to go with the pair of Fightas I built for the release of Apocalypse for Warhammer 40k. You can find it in the Orks section of my Miniatures page.

54th Update (9/25/07). Added a quick write up and a ton of pics for a pair of ork fightas I built for the release of Apocalypse for Warhammer 40k. You can find it in the Orks section of my Miniatures page.

53rd Update (9/20/07). Added a build up for my entry in the PVC Blaster Builder's Club 2007 Custom Blaster Contest to the Props page.

52nd Update (7/1/07). Added a hardware sci-fi grenade I made for an online challenge to the Props page.

51st Update (6/26/07). Added a Transformers Wheeljack costume to the Costumes page. Check out the completed pics or see how it was made in the tutorial. My friends will be debuting it at Botcon 2007 this weekend.

50th Update (6/20/07). Added an MSE-6 "Mouse" droid (quickie version) to the Props page that I made for the Wizard World East 2007 convention in Philadelphia.

49th Update (5/6/07). Added a Custom Sliders Timer to the Props page that I made for an online contest.

48th Update (1/10/07). Added a Back to the Future Mattel Hoverboard to the Props page that I made as a Christmas present for some friends of mine.

47th Update (1/03/07). Added my 1-up mushroom to the Props page and my Mordheim Ruined Church to the Miniatures page.

46th Update (11/09/06). Added my Bullshit-o-Meter to the Projects page and deleted my Digial Photos page. It was all crap anyway and digital pics aren't a novelty anymore.

45th Update (10/02/06). Added the Transformers Soundwave costume to the Costumes page. Completed pics here, rundown of the construction here.

44th Update (9/13/06). Added a write-up for the Warhammer 40k Space Marine helmet I made for my friend TJ back in 2004 as a prop for a costume he was making for someone else.

43rd Update (9/6/06). Updated my Dingbots page with pics of my 4th dingbot and NY Comicon when I gave numbers 3 and 4 to Phil Foglio along with my Heterodyne Power Unit. I'll have more to post in the coming weeks unless I get distracted by something shiney.

42nd Update (8/31/06). It's been way too long since my last update. All I've done lately is update my Blaster Tutorials a bit but I promise to have more soon (less than a month or two). I've had some great stuff in the works for the miniatures section including Orks and a Mordheim Dwarven Warband and some awesome projects and costumes including a chanmail shirt, 40k space marine helmet, A 40k auspex, and a Transformers Soundwave costume.

41st Update (1/24/06). Finally finished and uploaded my Snowtrooper costume. Check it out on the Costumes page.

40th Update (1/11/06). Added the Heterodyne Power Unit to the Props page.

39th Update (1/2/06). Added my Men In Black props to the Props page.

38th Update (12/28/05). Added some of my chainmail work to the Props page.

37th Update (12/25/05). Added my Vacuum Forming Table to the Projects page.

36th Update (09/14/05). Added my Mark II E-11 blaster to the Props page. Removed the Gamesday pictures to free up space.

35th Update (08/20/05). Added a writeup of the Boo costume I made back in 2003 to the Costumes section.

34th Update (08/17/05). Updated my Snowtrooper Backpack page.

33rd Update (06/15/05). Added pictures of my second dingbot to the Props page.

32nd Update (06/09/05). I've added some pics and info to my Jedi Food Capsules tutorial and finally did a full write-up on my Stormtrooper costume. Check them both out on the Costumes page.

31st Update (05/24/05). Uploaded a new tutorial for making Imperial Binders to go along with my stormtrooper costume on the Props page.

30th Update (04/26/05). Final pics of the speed freek warboss are up and links to both it and the biker nob were moved to the ork page. Pics from Bolter Blast 2005, a rogue trader tournament put on by my college gaming club and a local gaming store can be found here.

29th Update (04/14/05). Added more in progress pics to the speed freek warboss. I also seperated the Gamesday golden deamon pictures up into seperate sites by catagory to improve load time.

28th Update (03/24/05). Finished the Nob on warbike and Speed Freek Warboss. Nob pictures are up and Warboss should be soon. I've also put up a page of pictures from my recent trip to Gamesday Atlanta. Check them out in the Miniatures section. Just a warning though, it is very image intensive, high speed connections only.

27th Update (02/10/05). In progress pictures of a new speed freek warboss and a nob on a bike are up in the In the Works section of my minatures page.

26th Update (02/06/05). Finally got a page together for my space marine army in the Miniatures section. In progress pictures of a new speed freek warboss and a nob on a bike comming soon.

25th Update (01/25/05). Completed pictures of the Warboss have been uploaded. I moved the warboss page to the orks section of the miniatures page.

24th Update (01/19/05). Still attempting to upload old stuff. I added pictures of my 1/1 scale working laspistol to the projects page. I'll post completed pictures of my Ork warboss soon.

23rd Update (12/15/04). A bit more added to the warboss page as well as something new in the costumes page. My club's homecoming contribution in the form of Monty Python and the Holy Grail costumes.

22nd Update (12/07/04). Added in progress pictures of my new ork warboss to the In the Works part of my minatures section.

21st Update (11/02/04). I seem to have a habit of only updating once a year, but I do update. Added a Projects page for all the random stuff I do that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Also added a few things to the costumes page.

20th Update (11/13/03). I've posted what has been taking up all my free time in the models section. It's a "working" airship for my gaming club's float entry in this year's homecoming parade. Go check it out. Also, I've added pictures of my Farscape Coms to the Props page.

19th Update (10/14/03). I've finally started going through my backlog of stuff to post. I've added 2 projects to my Costumes page, go check them out. I'll keep trying to get stuff up, school's been really busy.

18th Update (6/10/03). Alright! As I'm sure you can tell I've totally changed the site. I've split up some sections, condensed others, and created still more. It would have been easier to do all this in frames but I really don't care for them. Anyway, there's no new content yet but as soon as I get a camera I have a ton of stuff to add to the miniatures and costumes pages. I'll try and get that up sometime this summer. As for now I'm turning 21 in 2 days. :-)

17th Update (4/1/03). I've tossed up some pictures of my Star Wars costuming endeavors here. Eventually I'll get around to adding comments and explainations but until then just email me with any questions. Enjoy!

16th Update (9/16/02). Added pictures of my trip to the Farscape Rally in Atlanta. Check them out here. I should be posting some new stuff all over the place here in the near future, including a new section to cover my collection of props and costumes. More to come on that later.

Mini Update (7/25/02). Here's a quick preview of my latest endeavour: Stormtrooper. More to come soon!

15th Update (2/21/02). Well, it's been a while since I've updated. Little things like graduating highschool and going to college can do that :-P. Unfortunatly that means that I have little to no chance to work on my miniatures. Fortunatly there's a large backlog of stuff from the last two years I can stick up. I've got new stuff in the terrain and miniatures sections so go take a look and tell me what you think.

14th Update!Massive update(atleast in amount of work standards). I have added two new items to the models page, a disco ball and some tie fighters. I've put up some preliminary pics of my friends swat team and an IG autocannon in the miscelaneous page of my minis section. My terrain section got the most stuff with three new pages added and some new pics added to the stuff, wrecks, and ruins pages. Hope this tides you all over for a while and please e-mail me with your thoughts.

13th Update!Orks are up. let me know what you think. I haven't gotten much(or any) email from visitors lately. I know your out there.

12th Update! Nothing too earth shattering. Fixed some problems on my castle section. Redid the links section(although it still sucks). I have a bunch of orcs to upload so once I get my butt to do it they'll be up.

Eleventh Update! Have added an empire volley gun and crew to my miscellaneous minis page. It was my first (and hopefully not last) commission piece.

Tenth Update! (06/10/00) Have added a terrain webring to the terrain page. Will have some new minis up in the next week or two. High School's finaly over! Horray!

Ninth Update! Well I'm sure you've read my story on the TG forum. I am in the process of building a whore house. I've added the miniatures for it into the Minis section. Also I've added two orcs in the mini section as well. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Eighth Update! Got snowed in and school closed so I figured I should do an update. Sorry about not doin' it sooner but I've been busy with exams. I moved all the old updates into a new page in order to clean this place up a bit. I've added some new mini pics and a few terrain pieces. Check'm out and let me know what you think. Also I have plans for a major terrain undertaking soon. I don't want to reveal anything yet cause I'm not ready for an onsaught of ideas. I'll probably post it first on the Terragenesis Forum. Keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks. Untill next time!

Seventh Update! My web service provider is forcing me to put an add on my page. It shouldn't be a problem though. Other than that I don't have much to add. I've been too swamped with school work to do minis or play with photoshop. Oh well!

Sixth Update! Finaly got the new model pics coded. It took a while but 25 pics take a long time! Check 'em out and let me know what you think. I didn't add any details so if you have questions just e-mail me.

Fifth Update! Added another pic in the pictures section. I'm particularly proud of it. I successfully overlaid one face over another. I'm going on a school trip for three days next week so you'll have to wait a while more for those model pics. It takes a while to code 20-30 pics.

Fourth Update! Added another pic to the pictures page. I just got my hands on a camera so I should be posting some more model pics soon. (addendum) I've posted more pics in the terrain section and will soon be adding to the Model section. (yay!)

Third Update! (Circa 1999) I have decided to add another new section. It contains some Star Wars humor I came up with. If you're a hard core Star Wars fan you'll like it.

Second Update! I have decided to add a new section. It's for all my models that aren't 40K related. Right now there's not much but I'll add more as I get pics.

First Update! (Circa 1998) I have added some more images to my Pictures page. I'm kinda shut down for the time being in the terrain department, I started work on an R/C Rocket and there's no room on my work table. Once that's out of the way I'll start some new projects. I'll post stuff once I can get a camera. Fixed the sizing of a few mini pics.

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